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Instance ID12155
Regular Expression[ILVFYM]xxx[ILVFYM][KR]xx[GAS][DE]x[ILVFYM]
Bait Uniprot AccessionQ14457
Bait Uniprot IdentifierBECN1_HUMAN
Bait Gene NameBECN1
Bait OrganismHomo sapiens (Human)
Sequence Position112-123
Critical ResiduesUnknown
Motif PTM(s)Unknown
Secondary StructureDisordered
Experimental Method(s)X-ray crystallography; NMR
Interaction ID22155
Interacting DomainBcl-XL Delta-loop
Disease Association(s)Unknown
CommentsThe conserved sequence motif in the C-terminal half of the intrinsically disordered BCL2 homology 3 domain of human Beclin-1 (BECN1) that adopts an alpha-helical conformation upon binding to human Bcl-2-like protein 1 (BCL2L1)

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