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Record No : 1

Instance ID12024
Regular ExpressionNPx[FY]
Motif InstanceNPLF
Bait Uniprot AccessionO00522
Bait Uniprot IdentifierKRIT1_HUMAN
Bait Gene NameKRIT1
Bait OrganismHomo sapiens (Human)
Sequence Position231-234
Critical ResiduesUnknown
Motif PTM(s)Unknown
Secondary StructureBeta turn
Experimental Method(s)X-ray crystallography; Mutational analysis; Peptide pulldown(GST tag)
Interaction ID22024
Interacting DomainFERM domain
Disease Association(s)Unknown
CommentsThe FERM domain of human Sorting nexin-17 (SNX17), a member of the family of cytoplasmic sorting nexin adaptor proteins that regulate endosomal trafficking of cell surface proteins, binds directly to the second NPX(Y/F) motif in the Human Cytoplasmic Adaptor Protein Krev Interaction Trapped 1 (KRIT1)

Record No : 2

Instance ID12071
Regular ExpressionNPx[FY]
Motif InstanceNPKY
Bait Uniprot AccessionP09055
Bait Uniprot IdentifierITB1_MOUSE
Bait Gene NameItgb1
Bait OrganismMus musculus (Mouse)
Sequence Position792-795
Critical ResiduesP4
Motif PTM(s)Unknown
Secondary StructureUnknown
Experimental Method(s)Mutation analysis; Pull down(GST tag)
Interaction ID22071
Interacting DomainFERM domain
Disease Association(s)Unknown
CommentsThe FERM domain of mouse Sorting nexin-17 (Snx17) binds to the NPX(Y/F) motif in the cytoplasmic domain of mouse Integrin beta-1 (Itgb1) to stabilize beta-1 integrins, resulting in their recycling to the cell surface where they can be reused

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