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Instance ID12146
Regular ExpressionGxxxxGK[TS]
Motif InstanceGPVRTGKS
Bait Uniprot AccessionQ182W3
Bait Uniprot IdentifierSP4A_PEPD6
Bait Gene NamespoIVA
Bait OrganismPeptoclostridium difficile (strain 630) (Clostridium difficile)
Sequence Position23-30
Critical ResiduesP7
Motif PTM(s)Unknown
Secondary StructureUnknown
Experimental Method(s)Mutation analysis; Affinity purification
Interaction ID22146
Interacting DomainLysM domain
Disease Association(s)Unknown
CommentsThe Walker A ATP-binding motif in Stage IV sporulation protein A (SpoIVA) of Clostridium difficile interacts with the LysM domain of Spore coat protein SipL

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