MYCbase: A Database of MYC

MYCbase is a tertiary database compiling various aspects of Myc relevant to disease biology. The information contained in this web based repository can be divided into the following categories: mutations, protein-protein interactions (PPIs), gene expression data, mass spectrometry data, small chemical drug molecules against PPIs (PPIMs), miRNA targeting myc, metabolic pathways, methylation pattern, protein abundance, interactions of transcription factors with myc gene, and post translational modifications (PTMs) of Myc protein. Data is compiled from peer-reviewed literature and secondary databases. This is an endeavour to accumulate and offer pertinent information necessary to explore Myc biology.

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Keys Keywords
Mutation Exon, Missense
Protein Protein Interaction MAX, HEK293, Y2H, CTD of c-myc
Gene Expression induced pluripotent stem cells, breast cancer, lymphoma
Mass spectrometry based proteomics data (PRIDE) breast cancer, AP-MS
Protein Protein Interaction Modulators CHEMBL2311551,Orthosteric PPI
miRNA Interaction Bone marrow, Western Blot
Pathway/Metabolism Glycolysis, MCF10A cells
Methylation hypomethylation, entire gene
Protein abundance liver, whole organism, spectral counting
DNA Interaction DNA binding, transactivation
PTM(s) Acetylation,Phosphorylation

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Chakravorty D,Jana T, Mandal SD, Seth A, Bhattacharya A, Saha S. MYCbase: A database of functional sites and biochemical properties of Myc in both normal and cancer cells. BMC Bioinformatics , (2017) 18:224 (PMID: 28454513)


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