Browse Syntenic piRNA Clusters by Chromosomal Co-ordinates

Syntenic Organisms
(Target Organism to Query Organism)
Target Organism Chromosome Query Organism Chromosome

Using piSynBrowse

  • Note*: Click on "View Entire Chromosome" button to start comparing the Syntenic Regions between the selected pair of chromosomes.

  • Top panel represents the selected chromosomal coordinates of the target organism while the botom panel represents that of the query organism.

  • Click to select the display of piRNA cluster or piRNA annotation.

  • Zoom the panels to see the annotations corresponding to the piRNA cluster syntenic regions.

  • Control panning or zooming for both the panels of the chromosomal pairs or either one.
  • References:

  • Kashi V Revanna1, Chi-Chen Chiu, Ezekiel Bierschank and Qunfeng Dong GSV: a web-based genome synteny viewer for customized data. Curr Protoc Bioinformatics. (2010).