Linear Motif Domain Interaction Prediction, abbreviated as "LMDIPred", is a web server that predicts the occurrence of peptides representing linear motifs that bind to SH3, WW and PDZ domains, within user-provided amino-acid sequence(s).

Input Protein / Peptide Sequence:  
Please paste the query sequence(s) in fasta format (Minimum length: 6) Example
Maximum number of query sequences accepted: 10
OR Upload a file containing upto 10 fasta sequences (Max file size: 30KB)

Predict binding motif for:  SH3 Domain  WW Domain  PDZ Domain 
Threshold for SVM score :
(See HELP page for details)
Prediction Method (Multiple methods may be selected) :
SVM Prediction
PSSM Scanning
Motif Instance Matching
Regular Expression Scanning

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