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Instance ID12159
Regular ExpressionGS[QR]TPx[YQ]
Motif InstanceGSRTPMY
Bait Uniprot AccessionO00267
Bait Uniprot IdentifierSPT5H_HUMAN
Bait Gene NameSUPT5H
Bait OrganismHomo sapiens (Human)
Sequence Position781-787
Critical ResiduesP4
Motif PTM(s)Phosphorylation at Thr-P4
Secondary StructureDisordered
Experimental Method(s)X-ray crystallography
Interaction ID22159
Interacting DomainPlus3 domain
Disease Association(s)Unknown
CommentsThe Plus3 domain of human RNA polymerase-associated protein RTF1 recognizes and binds to the C-terminal repeat (CTR) motif of human Transcription elongation factor SPT5

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