PluriPred : A webserver for predicting pluripotent proteins






Pluripred is a web server for predicting proteins responsible for pluripotency for mouse as well as human but here we construct this server using data of the mouse.

Pluripred is a web based tool, which uses only amino acid sequences of proteins to predict whether the proteins are involved in pluripotency by taking part in differentiation into other cell types or maintaining self renewal property of the pluripotent stem cells. It takes a hybrid approach by combining Support Vector Machine(SVM) mathematical model and PSI-BLAST together. The web server also gives the confidence of the predictions from the probability density function from SVM score as well as in the form of P-value from the BLAST search. Pluripotent protein involves not only in pluripotency but also it has a role in the developmental process, growth and cell cycle. Hence this server not only helps pluripotent stem cell research, but also contribute to developmental biology and also in cancer research by predicting novel pluripotent proteins.

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SVM method : Amino acid and Dipeptide Amino acid and Triad

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