Dr. Zhumur Ghosh

Assistant Professor at Bose Institute, Kolkata


Ph.D., Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford School of Medicine, CA, United States


 Major Fields of Interest:

 Regulatory RNAs and stem cell biology



Looking for Prospective PhD candidates (preferably CSIR-NET/ICMR-NET qualified) willing to work in a multidisciplinary environment. The current projects are broadly based towards studying the role of long noncoding RNAs and piRNAs in stem cells involving both experimental and computational approaches.

Bose Institute

Bioinformatics Centre

P 1/12, CIT Scheme - VII M,
Kolkata-700054, INDIA

Website: http://www.jcbose.ac.in
E-mails: zhumur@jcbose.ac.in
Tel: +91-33-25693329
Fax: +91-33-23553886


Ghosh lab studies the biological mechanisms of cancer stem cells. Regulatory RNAs play a dominant role in the modulation of such processes. We use a combination of in silico and wet bench techniques to better understand the role of regulatory RNAs in stem cell biology. We are presently focussed on miRNAs, piRNAs and long noncoding RNAs.

Ghosh lab also have a focus to investigate the different substates of pluripotent stem cells, elucidating the gene expression pattern characterizing such pluripotency substates.

Ghosh Lab is being supported and sponsored by various funding agencies of Govt. of India: DBT (Dept. of Biotechnology), ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) etc.


Ghosh Lab,  left to right: Aritra Deb, Shibun Parida, Arijita Sarkar, Ranjan K. Maji, Sohini Chakraborty